Saturday, January 30, 2010

Comments :)

Just a reminder - every time I get a comment on my blog Catkins gets a $1 :)  These are some of their canines & felines:

Here is their link

Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Friday | Bread with Renee!

Renee is a kick ass professional baker! She offered to show me how to make sour dough, because I do NOT have a clue what I am doing. We were joined by her husband Harrison and their two kids. You may have seen them on here before - I LOVE these guys - they are so cute!! By the way, I am going to try and have Renee on here once a month - she does catering for weddings, and, like I said, is a amazing baker and teacher!

We started out with the sponge for the sourdough and mixed it all up. I took off for a few hours after that to get some senior photos done - which was perfect because it needed to rise.

This is Austin and his daddy checking out the action!

Josie decided it was time to dress up for the camera!

Water makes it crispy!

Yummmm - warm bread!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hayward Wedding Photographer | Sneak Peek at Ellen & Kevin's New Years Day Wedding at Spider Lake Lodge

Here is a sneak peek at Ellen & Kevin's gorgeous candle lit wedding at Spider Lake Lodge in Hayward, WI!  The blog and slideshow will be up next week :)

wedding photographer in hayward wedding photos at spider lake lodge

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catkins & Introducing Comments for Canines ( & Cats! ).

Starting today StonehousePhoto will donate $1 to Catkins Animal Rescue for every comment that is made on this blog...  I will do this for at least one year... so START harassing me people! The limit is $750 at this point -  I think we can get to that :).

Laura owns and operates Catkins Animal Rescue in Fifield. I did the wedding photography for Laura's wedding a few years back but I actually met her when we were on the board of the Chequamegon Humane Association together. She runs this shelter out of her home and with a lot of her & her hubby's own money. She has a wonderful team of volunteers that keep the shelter running, but we need to help this fabulous lady out! 

Catkins has an awesome "Cattery" that houses most of the felines - while the rest (and the dogs that are not being fostered) live at Laura's house.  Laura is the only animal control person in Price County here in Wisconsin, and she takes in a ton of medically challenging cases and animals who are about to be put down.  Laura also has a bunch of animals that are foreclosure victims that were abandoned at their homes when the families left.

Here are some shots of the residents that I got for the new Catkin's website - they are extremely well taken care of, and Laura is one VERY cool chica!

This is Pepper - and she looks exactly like my sister's dog - its crazy!

This is Lulu - she LOVES her car - and to play :)

I love this "you wanna mess with me" pose :)

Cat butts at feeding time :)

Vimeo / Hannah Hudson {StonehousePhoto}'s uploaded videos

Be a fan!

Animal Rescue!!

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