Monday, June 30, 2008

Nancy and Jesse and a Beatles semi-reanactment!

The weather for Nancy and Jesse's wedding in Bayfield was fantastic. I was my first one this season where I didn't have to travel from Bayfield, so that was really nice for me! There were also a ton of VERY fun kids around, so I got some great candid shots, including one particular little boy who really liked the cake, the watermelon, and my camera!
I also took advantage of the somewhat closed street, and the guys did a great impression of the Beatles!!

This dinner shot is by far one of my favorites this year. I used my fast 50 mm with no flash for a bunch of the reception, and the lighting really worked well...

Next up will be Lauryn and Paul's wedding form this weekend. It was my closest wedding to date - it was literally across the street from my house! I have a VERY tough life :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Finally... Sarah & David's wedding (I'm a bit behind)!

David and Sarah's wedding was a blast! The ceremony was right on Lake Superior in the Ashland Marina. It said all week in the forecast that is was supposed to rain - but we were very very lucky, and it was absolutely beautiful out.

There were some great guest shot opportunities as well - and lots of large cameras! I personally love this shot of David!!!!
So - I've been a BIT slow with this one - its just been a crazy week! I'm getting lots of calls and bookings for 2009 already - I can tell its going to be a very, very busy year. Thanks for your patience :)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bayfield bear chased up a tree by a cat...

So - this is our local friend. I haven't thought of a name for him yet - but he's been causing quite a few problems in town. Well actually, not problems, but rather general hilarity. My husband is a Bayfield police officer and received a call about a bear in the neighborhood - about a block from our house. When Jim got there he saw that the bear was up in the tree, and that a small cat was trying to get UP the tree and get the bear. He was informed by the cat's owner that the feline had chased the bear down the street to the tree, and that now the bear just seemed to be staring in bewilderment at the cat. We can't tell if the bear was actually afraid of the cat, or just really confused with a cat that had the guts to chase it down the street!

The next day the cat was spotted again crouched behind the bear ready to spring into action. I'm not sure how far the two of them got - but the bear has been seen around town the past few days making the dumpster rounds, getting on porches, hanging out in our yard, and generally making a nuisance of himself. I have yet to see him when I am out walking Mr. Big Deal - and I 'm not sure if I want to!!

I've got some great wedding photos from the this weekend - hopefully they'll be up by tomorrow.



Thursday, June 12, 2008

Storms and getting geeked out about fog...

So while everyone else in the state of Wisconsin is getting bad storms (Molly, I know you need a new roof, so I am hoping for hail ONLY over your house :), we are getting incredibly thick fog. I was out walking Mr. Big Deal (aka Scout T. Dog), and realized that the fog was creating amazing lighting!
So here are some I got in the dark with the dense fog at 10 PM tonight-I decided to take my wide angle lens and set it to 1/6 and 1/10th of a second and see what would happen. I might try them in black and white as well. Just ignore the debris in front of our house - we are getting a new porch. Yay!
My friends Carla and Becky Sue drove by and said to each other "Who is that strange woman wearing flip flops wandering around town at 10 PM at night in the fog taking photos of lamps??". Then they realized it was just me, so they just rolled their eyes :) lol. Carla says I'm a camera geek, but an appreciated camera geek, because no one else she knows can get this excited about random photos in the dark!
Hope everyone is staying dry!! Or at least as dry as humanly possible.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Amy and Andre in Duluth

Amy and Andre were married at the Leif Erickson Rose Garden in Duluth, MN. This wedding was so much fun!! It was a bit windy, so it made for some VERY dramatic shots with the veil - lol :)

Amy's grandfather gave her away - he is a World War II veteran. I absolutely LOVE the shot of him in his hat and suit.

Then they gave their guests an awesome surprise reception - a train ride on the North Shore Scenic Railway! It was incredibly creative, and everyone had a blast. The light was amazing in this train car - very 1940's Hollywood.

The guests had some surprises for them as well - a farewell complete with Cheerios!

There are so many cool photos from this wedding - I cannot wait to share them all! A slideshow will be up on Sunday.

Thank you Amy and Andre!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Donalee and Friends Show!

The Donalee and Friends Show at the Washburn Cultural Center was fantastic. There were amazing colors in all of the jewelry - which made it fantastic to shoot. I tried to use a little flash as possible with a really really fast prime lens (50mm). The available light in the room really worked well with it because of the huge windows. I think my favorite shot is of the orange colored bracelet! The blog is just not doing the color justice!

There is, again, a huge storm approaching, so I am heading off the computer and shutting down for the night. Thank you so much to Donalee for inviting me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Other things besides being a Bayfield, WI wedding photographer

So I haven't done any weddings this week - but I've been taking photos of a baby named Noah, a puppy named Fielder, and an approaching storm...
This is Fielder the Dog being held by Lucas:

He is very tiny here, but he has grown A LOT since this was taken.

He kept checking out the bananas...

This is Noah - I took his Baptism portraits about a week ago - they should be up on Sunday. He is so interactive with the camera already. I can't wait until see how he when he is older!

Finally, here is the Memorial Day attempted Crappie fishing trip. First, we notice an approaching storm, then I look up and its coming closer, at last it is finally overtaking us. So much for fishing - it dropped 22 degrees in a matter of minutes. Oh well - it was fun to finally hang out with my husband Jim!

Tomorrow I am going to shoot some great scenes and jewelry at Donalee Design's show in Washburn. Saturday I have Amy and Andre's wedding at the Rose Garden in Duluth. I'll post photos from both thse events ASAP. This summer is turning out to be very very busy, and a whole lot of fun!

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