Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bayfield Ice Road to Madeline Island {Finally} Yes - those are Christmas trees!

The Ice Road to Madeline Island is finally open! It is basically an extension of the county highway from Bayfield to Madeline Island over Lake Superior.

We weren't sure if it would happen this year, but it did - and all the Island residents couldn't be happier :). The Christmas trees that line the road are from local residents who drop them off after the holiday season.

madeline island ice road

ice road to madeline island

bayfield ice road

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wisconsin Children's Photographer | Baby A

This is cutie pie Adam! He is a VERY intelligent little boy - and was a bit leery of the camera :)

So - this is where I've been!

I've been out on the ice quite a bit - but I am SERIOUSLY ready for spring now :)

My husband and I own a company called - we teach people how to ice fish and fish open water. Never, ever in my life did I imagine myself doing THAT in addition to being a photographer, but it is very fun!

Next up - baby photos and a late food friday!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Food Friday | Why yes, I am overly excited about the success of this bread!.

"Food Fridays" have been a way for me to learn a few things about cooking.  I SUCK at it - I am really really bad, but I am trying! I will not go into the story of how I forgot to put taco seasoning in one recipe and it led to a complete disaster :).

I had an awesome recipe that I was going to do for the Food Fridays this week, too - its for salmon cakes from my friend Mary Parsons.  Things have been crazy this week (business is great - yay!), so I haven't been able to actually do anything like that, because it requires time to sit down and plan the shots, etc...

I thought there would be no entry today, but this afternoon I realized I had forgotten to go get bread at the grocery store, and I did not want to make yet another trip there today, so I decided to use the starter from Renee's sourdough to actually make bread.  Danger ahead - but it actually WORKED!!! 

I would like to thank my husband Jim Hudson for taking these fabulous photos of me with my first loaf of bread ever. Yes, I look crazed, but I am really excited. 

Such a pretty crust!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wisconsin Portrait Photographer | Will's Senior Photos!

We did some last minute senior pics for Will a few weeks back! It was a bit over 0 degrees, but we got some fun outside shots:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race - 2010

The Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race is this weekend.  StonehousePhoto has been a sponsor for the past two years, and it continues to be one of my favorite Bayfield events! (PS Doggie fans - please check out the "Comments for Canines" page :) )

The Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race starts at the Gravel Pit Trailhead (romantic- huh?  :) ) and goes for miles around the Bayfield Peninsula.  My cousins came up, along with our friend Mary, and we we got some shots at the beginning and then headed up to one of the viewing areas farther along the trail.

Here are a few - the rest can be seen on the Stonehouse Photography Facebook page:

There is A LOT of community spirit that revolves around this race. Community volunteers do everything from keeping track of racers to providing free food!  At the Butterfield Rd/ Star Rt point there was amazing wild rice chowder and a bonfire.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Food Friday | Lattes at Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters!

As many of you know I am a, ahem, junkie.  The caffeinated - variety junkie :).  My dealer happens to be Big Water Cafe & Coffee Roasters.  A few years ago I did a story on their roasting process, and I decided to build upon that with some shots of Katie making lattes!

First, though, I got this great shot from the reflection of the cooler.  The bottles were so colorful with the green walls in the background!

This is the roasting room - Jon was getting a HUGE order ready for some Bay - area stores - but they ship worldwide!

Let the lattes begin!

So pretty!

Vimeo / Hannah Hudson {StonehousePhoto}'s uploaded videos

Be a fan!

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