Sunday, August 31, 2008

Renee & Harrison!

This was a very cool wedding with some VERY fun people! The wedding ceremony itself was at the Blue Vista Farm (one if the most beautiful spots in Bayfield), then Renee and Harrison were taken by boat to Madeline Island and the Clubhouse for the reception. All the guests took the Nichevo II from Bayfield to the Island, so I got some AWESOME shots of the guests on the boat. Renee and Harrison also have the CUTEST baby, so I got great shots of her as well :)
Hope you are all having a FABULOUS Labor Day everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Laurel's Senior Photos

This senior session was so fun!We went to Laurel's aunt and uncle's house and got to get some shots by an awesome swing and a haybale. Thanks Laurel for asking me to do these!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm still a little slowwww...

You have to forgive me - its HOT out and really muggy. I guess I am a wimp because I live in Northern Wisconsin. I think anything above 45 is tropical :)

Anyway, these are some of the VERY fun weddings I have shot these past few weeks:

Jessica and Ben:

They got married at the Tam O'Shanter in Cornucopia - I love this place. It is right on the water and is a gorgeous lodge. Jessica and Ben had their ceremony right on the grounds of the lodge, and it was beautiful!

Val and Matt:

Val and Matt were married at the Marina in Ashland. It was a beautiful day out, and incredibly windy! I love shooting right at the Marina because you can see the Oredock in the background. Val is an Ashland native, so I loved getting these shots of her and Matt in front of the Oredock.

Emily and Nils:

These two are a STITCH!! They are both from the area and went to the same church growing up, so there was a lot of history. Emily even wore the same shoes her mom wore on her wedding day, and they used the same cake cutter that her parents used at their wedding. We even played a little football :)

So as I finish this post, the temp has dropped considerably - awesome! I feel much more productive :)

Next up - Todd and Erica!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 really amazing couples and weddings in 3 weeks!

Ok - I will post lots of shots later today - I am just a bit behind:) Its been a crazy august, and I am having a blast! I have been incredibly lucky to have summer full of amazing couples and really fun and gorgeous weddings! To be continued...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One CRAZY weekend and the Point to LaPointe Swim!

So - its was an insane weekend for me! I shot the Point to LaPointe Swim for the Bayfield Rec Center, then I shot a wedding later that day, and I just got done with a senior portrait. Whew - I am tired - but not nearly as tired as those swimmers who did a two miler across Lake Superior from Bayfield to Madeline Island!

It started out calm, but then the wind REALLY picked up! The low sun made the shots VERY dramatic...I think this one of my favorites of all the Swim photos - the ferry trying to avoid the crowd...One of the strangest things that happened was me running into a friend of mine that I hadn't seen in nearly 7 years! He looked at me and asked "are you the official photographer?" and then we realized we knew each other!! Here he is looking like"what WAS I thinking?"...This is the man who thought up the event - Oly! And here is a group of swimmers heading through the white caps... and one swimmer having a wave break over him.This is my neighbor Steve finishing up the race!And Bayfield local Lissa finishing up with her escort Gail from Living Adventure...This group was AWESOME - and very supportive of their mom!

This gentleman just looks happy to be done!This was the sweetest shot of the day by far:

Thank you to everyone who participated!!! All the photos will be up on my site on 8/20/08!


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