Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shelby's Senior Photos

So, I had my first senior photos of the year! One of the cool things about this one is that I work with Shelby, so she knows how crazy I can get :)

Shelby brought her horse Beemer, and her friend Jenna came along to help. We went to Bayview just south of Bayfield and shot some really fun stuff with her and her horse. I have some great ones of her laughing hysterically while trying to give Beemer a kiss! This is the first time I have shot a portrait session with a horse, so it was really really fun!

There a quite a few awesome shots, but these are some of my favorites... There are lots more than these, but I'll have the rest up on Sunday.

Have a great night everybody!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mom, Dad, and the Flat Coats

My mom and my dad came up for a short visit this week. It was awesome to see them! They also brought their Flat Coat Retriever Flora to visit. Scout was a little jealous of her getting so many smooches, but Jim and I are making up for it with Milkbones! Jordan , my brother, couldn't come up because he was with my grandparents, my sister should hopefully be up here in August!

My dad Lindsay has not cleaned a fish since he was 11, so Jim, The King of Cleaning Fish, gave him some instruction.

These are Scout T Dog and Flora T Dog in Lake Superior with my dad and my mom. Flat coats are very cool dogs - they have a lot of similar mannerisms, and sometimes its hard to tell these two apart when they sleeping on the carpet!

So - off to Photoshop! I have a busy weekend ahead - two weddings and a senior portrait! Enough slacking :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coffee Roasting - yay!!!!!!!

Ok - so I am a BIG geek, but I was so excited to take pics of Jon roasting. I got some great ones, and I am putting a slide show up soon.

The List O' Roasting (for coffee, obviously :))

The Probat firing up!!
Jon with the final product...I am torn between my two favorites - I really like the shot of the beans close up, but I also LOVE the coffee stained roasting list. Hmmmm.....
Next up - Nelson Family reunion!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lauryn & Paul

This was my closest wedding by far - it was literally across the street from my house! Lauryn and Paul and all of their family and friends were a blast to shoot with - I had a ton of fun playing around and the girls had a great time feeding Paul to the dragon!I also took my favorite photo EVER of a flower girl at this wedding.

We went to a bunch of great places - the playground, the marina where Lauryn's parents' boat is, and the beach by the ferry landing...Somehow the huge storm that was coming held off until RIGHT after this black and white shot was taken. Click here to see the whole slideshow!

I have two whole weeks before my next big event, so I took a 2 day break from working. Now its back to business as usual. :)

Vimeo / Hannah Hudson {StonehousePhoto}'s uploaded videos

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